article 05 Apr 2018

Business laptop. Is it worth buying old notebook models for work?

Computer industry is developing by leaps and bounds, laptops become more productive and compact, but at the same time, their prices are not going to fall. So, is it worth saving money for buying a new laptop or it is enough to examine the market of old models and save up to 70% of the initially planned budget with minimal loss in performance and comfort when used for work?
Note: this article examines the devices which are intended to be used in offices for professional applications, as well as to work in the Internet. These notebooks will never replace game concepts, and thus are not similar to game notebooks.
A lot of computer giants (for instance Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo) have a line of business notebooks aimed at businessmen or office workers whose requirements are limited to reliability, processor performance and conservatism. Usually such notebooks have a quick price fall (a model which cost ~$1500 at the start of the sale could be bought for just ~$300 in several years). Why does it happen? The main reason is positioning and characteristics peculiarities. These notebooks are unattractive, chunky, lack compactness and other design fancy, and what is most important, they are absolutely unsuitable for gaming.
Well, if everything is so bad, why should we pay attention to them? The answer is simple: their price, performance and reliability. Having visited the ebay online market it is possible to find perfect models equipped with i5-i7 or 8-16GB RAM for very attractive $250-350.
Some of them:
• Fujitsu P771
• Dell Latitude E6430 14″
• Lenovo ThinkPad T430s
• Lenovo ThinkPad X230
But we should not get stuck only on the models mentioned above as they are given just as an example. Constantly visiting online markets it is possible to find your ideal variant.
Is everything so simple? If true, even this issue has disadvantages. It is almost impossible to buy such notebooks as new ones. Most of such notebooks are sold being already used or Refurbished.
Is it possible to trust? Despite different programs protecting buyers we advise to avoid buying the already used devices, but focus your attention on the lots with the Refurbished status. The Refurbished status means that the notebook could have had technical or visual failures which were eliminated at official dealers’ service centers, being checked for all technical aspects. From the technical point of view, such notebooks are almost ideal and require no compromise. But there may be some minor visual disadvantages.

Have a nice purchase!

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