Choose the Best Cloud Solution for Your Business

Your business is unique and that’s how you should approach your cloud technologies as well. Team iTurbu is ready to help you adopt cloud technologies that are tailored to increase your profitability and efficiecy. Together, we will develop a comprehensive cloud migration strategy and cloud road-map that are aligned with your business objectives.

Our cloud advisory services:

Application prioritization.
First, we prioritize the applications that should be migrated to the cloud.
Cloud choice.
Then, we analyze your business goals and determine the appropriate type of cloud service including public, private, or hybrid.
Current statement analysis.
Our team will follow up with a thorough analysis of your system to esnure it’s ready for migration.
Strategy development.
Then, our specialists will develop the proper migration strategy for your company.
Cloud infrastructure development.
We will choose the best applications and services that’ll make your cloud flexible, convenient, and safe.

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