Cloud Migration

As business operations expand, many small and mid-sized companies face the issue of decreased capacity. Migrating to the cloud is the best solution for tackling this. Cloud technology allows businesses to gain scalable infrastructure, which is available on demand, without having to make a huge investment.
Our cloud migration experts can provide fully supported cloud migration services to your company. To start, we will develop a robust migration plan that will minimize the risk of data loss or damage. Then, our team will closely collaborate with your IT employees to secure the migration process and adhere to all your business requirements.
Migration services:
  • Infrastructure migration
  • Data migration
  • Application migration
  • Platform migration

Quick and smooth cloud migration

Our migration experts will help you to safely migrate your existing physical and virtual servers to the cloud. We accomplish this by developing a clear migration strategy that minimizes the system downtime and other potential risks. Additionally, the iTurbu experts will make your applications accessible for operation immediately after the transition has taken place.

Why should you entrust your cloud migration to our team?

Detailed migration strategy.
We build a customized migration plan for your company, where we consider your requirements and system nuances.
Affordable price and no hidden fees.
We remain upfront with you by determining the final cost before starting the project.
Core component transformation.
This allows us to automate your migration and reduce migration costs.
Flexible schedule.
We coordinate all the migration steps to reduce downtime, giving you the power to maintain control and monitor schedule compliance.
Migration of the entire environment.
Together with applications, we migrate your file system, permissions, and encryption settings.
Employee training.
Our team will train your IT staff on how to securely utilize cloud technologies for maximum benefit.

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