Cloud Support and Management

Clouds are rapidly replacing the traditional hosting infrastructures due to their scalability, access on demand, and countless other benefits. Every day, more and more companies are moving to cloud to expand their business, reduce costs, and conquer new goals.

iTurbu helps small organizations migrate to cloud and manage it successfully. We will monitor your cloud 24/7 freeing you to focus on more crucial tasks like growing your business.

Our cloud support and management services include:

Performance management.
We gain visibility into your virtual infrastructure and cloud performance in order to efficiently monitor your cloud and heterogeneous environment. Performance management helps companies to reduce costs and speed up deployment processes.
Cloud protection.
We house an impressive range of tools for quick data and application recovery. Our team performs routine backups to protect your system and recover the environment without affecting users in less than an hour.
Secure access to applications.
Security is one of the most vital aspects of using cloud technologies. Team iTurbu prevents attacks by carefully monitoring access to your cloud-based applications.
Workload control.
Our specialists regularly monitor workloads and how your cloud applications are performing. We also implement automated recovery actions to keep the cloud stable.
We make cloud management easier by automating certain operations. Our experts enable auto scaling to ensure your applications remain available at all times. Additionally, we keep your workloads up-to-date, and automate other processes.
Centralized management.
We help you execute multi-cloud access control, manage user permissions, and standardize configurations. We also give you the ability to track all the changes to the cloud and determine who made them.
24/7 incident management.
Our team is always ready to help with emerging problems with your cloud. We guarantee quick and skilled responses to your inquiries by designating one contact for all requests. Our friendly specialists will do their best to find the most efficient solution to your problem.

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