Continuous Monitoring Services

Online businesses are attacked by cyber criminals on a daily basis. However, ongoing security monitoring can help companies to safeguard their critical data and system. We create robust and adaptable security infrastructures, which can protect your on-premises environment, as well as cloud and mobile technologies.
Even if you conduct a system audit every few days, that may not be sufficient protection. Your business is vulnerable to cyber criminals 24/7; this is why it should be continuously monitored. Vulnerabilities, malware, and misconfigurations may occur at any second. Real-time monitoring will identify those threats and notify you.
To begin, we develop a monitoring strategy that is tailor-made for your company. Then, we establish appropriate metrics and monitoring frequencies. When this portion of work is complete, our team moves forward with the implementation of the monitoring system.

Continuous Monitoring Includes:

Active scanning and discovery.
Special programs scan and discover the system, network, hardware, and software. During this process, vulnerabilities and malware may be uncovered.
The program scans all the system components to determine threats. It provides a detailed report on vulnerability types and other metrics.
This process includes client, server, and device evaluation and a comparison with the preset policies. Audit programs control access permissions concerning sensitive data.
Software is automatically updated to eliminate vulnerabilities. Patching also includes configuration corrections depending on end user’s role.
The program aggregates the results of scanning and sends them to a central repository. In the case of unusual activity, the report is sent to our specialists.

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