Migration is a complex process that can cost you significant time and investment. During this process, it’s vital to maintain system performance and security infrastructure and minimize downtime. This is why every company should first determine if a migration to another environment is required. Then, it is equally important to execute it with minimal risks. Our team is trained to analyze your current system and advise if a migration is necessary.

How We Determine the Need for Migration

To determine if a migration is necessary, we ask the following questions:
What should be migrated?
To determine what additional information is required, our experts will need to know what you are planning to migrate. There are many system components that can be migrated including databases, applications, servers, networks, etc. All these components feature unique scenarios and requirements in order to have a successful migration.
Why should it be migrated?
We allow our clients to help determine this. Migration is necessary when looking to achieve a specific goal such as money saving or performance improvement. Depending on the objective, we can predict if migration will be efficient in your case. If your company benefits from it, we can offer the most cost effective and reliable migration strategy.
Where should it migrate to?
To determine if you need to migrate, our specialists will need to know the destination. If you want to migrate to a virtual environment, it should be safe and reliable, and your company will need a special security infrastructure that can increase your budget.
When should it be migrated?
Every system component has an ideal and non-ideal time for migration. For example, some customer applications should not be moved in the daytime while some applications perform best at night. To make the process of migration convenient and safe for end-users, every step must be scheduled.
How should it be migrated?
Your answers to the previous questions will determine your migration technology. During this discussion, we clarify your IT specialists’ skills to make sure they can participate in the migration.

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