Disaster Recovery Planning

A disaster recovery plan is an invaluable part of any IT ecosystem. It is used to recover data, software, and at times, hardware damaged due to a variety of reasons. The absence of even one of these components will render your system useless.

The disaster recovery specialists at iTurbu develop personalized recovery plans for medium and small-sized businesses. No matter what industry your company is in, the loss of data can be catastrophic. Any disaster recovery plan should be developed in conjunction with your business continuity plan. Our team will analyze your system and define the most practical recovery time objectives. It will allow us to restore your data or hardware to prevent serious impact on business operations.

Why you need a disaster recovery plan

Reduced risk of disaster by human-error.
Even the most attentive employee can make a mistake and damage the system. If this happens, iTurbu will restore your data quickly with minimal downtime.
Guaranteed availability of backup.
Regular backup allows you to always have critical company data at hand. It helps to minimize damage to your business and quickly restore the system.
Staying online during an outage.
Sometimes, a company’s network may be damaged by a power outage. Our team provides backup power to your modems, wireless routers, and VoIP. When a network connectivity outage is identified, you can continue using your networked devices during the outage.
Minimal downtime.
For almost every business, even short-term, unplanned downtime can seriously impact business. Data backup helps to quickly restore network performance and minimize damage to business processes.

A recovery strategy for all your system components

Team iTurbu develops comprehensive IT strategies for small and medium-sized companies. A recovery plan covers your entire system, allowing your network to perform as effectively as possible. We work with:
  • Hardware (servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, peripherals).
  • Cables and wireless technologies.
  • Software (e-mail, company resource management, applications).
  • Business data (backup, restoration).

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