Disaster Recovery Planning

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Recovery Solutions for Infrastructures of Any Complexity.

Many small to medium-sized companies choose cloud-based disaster recovery because it offers increased flexibility and a cost-effective recovery solution. In the case of a disaster, critical data is stored in the cloud and can be recovered quickly and easily.

Our disaster recovery services include:

Assessment and strategy development.
We analyze your cloud and identify the gaps that may prevent you from successful recovery. Then, we develop a disaster recovery plan that minimizes interruptions so that your business operations remain unaffected.
Online backup.
Your critical data is stored off-site, in safe data centers. It means that all of your applications and systems are easily accessible and can be recovered anytime you need it.
Our team facilitates long-term retention of your data so that it may be utilized for disaster recovery.
Replication to remote machines
Replication is used to protect cloud and on-premises data. We use it for applications requiring aggressive recovery time.
Disaster recovery testing.
We test the recovery plan to ensure that it will withstand during a disaster. Testing helps us to understand how to navigate various recovery scenarios.

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