Migration Services

Today’s digital landscape changes so rapidly that IT solutions get outdated fast. One of the most efficient ways to stay on trend is to migrate to a new operating environment. Team iTurbu has expertise in data, application, and cloud migration. We help small and mid-size companies widen their possibilities and run business processes smoothly. Our experts consider your needs and industry nuances to develop detailed migration projects tailored for your business.

Migration services from iTurbu:

Data migration.
Our migration experts are ready to transfer your data to a new storage device, a new cloud, or any other environment that you require. We use a proven migration methodology to help the process smoothly and securely. Our standard migration strategy includes system assessment, risk identification, simulation tests, system backup and many other operations. Our proven approach guarantees seamless transfer with minimal risk of data loss.
Application migration.
As technologies develop swiftly, most companies have to change their development plans and tactics according to new requirements, including applications. Migration to another environment can help you reduce costs and achieve your business goals. In the case of data migration, we can build a thought-out migration strategy for applications. Additionally, we will closely collaborate with your IT employees to make the transfer process as seamless as possible.
Cloud migration.
When your company starts growing, the existing IT infrastructure may face serious issues relating to decreased storage capacity. Today, many small businesses adopt cloud technologies, which give them scalability and 24/7 availability to customers. Our team has expertise in cloud migration so that we can give you recommendations concerning cloud choice. During migration, we transfer infrastructure, data, platform, and applications. Due to the robust migration plan, all the risks, including system downtime and data damage, will be reduced to a minimum.

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