Network Assessment

When collaborating with a new client, network assessment is typically the first step. Our network experts will obtain all the information regarding your company network to get an accurate picture of the project. We also perform assessments for our existing clients who need to modify or evaluate their network to meet industry best standards.

Having performed a thorough assessment, we get a documented report including different network parameters.

Equipment condition.
First off, we check how old your equipment is and its current warranty status. If it’s too old or doesn’t allow you to grow your business efficiently, we will advise you of new hardware from well-known vendors.
Asset management overview.
Our specialists will assess the balancing of opportunities, risks, and costs of your company’s assets and if they’re fulfilling their role in achieving your business objectives.
Issues categorization.
The iTurbu network experts will diagnose all the problems with your network and categorize them. This helps us to prioritize pertinent issues and solve them quicker and more efficiently.
Baseline traffic review.
We will determine your normal network output volume and analyze the most commonly received traffic in your network. This will allow us to understand your traffic trends and where the network resources are allocated.
Road map building.
Network assessment gives us the foundation for developing a new road map for the improvement of your network. Then, we tell you the final price of the upgrade and tailor it to your budget.

With professional network assessment, you will avoid:

Data loss and downtime.
The experts from iTurbu will assess your network stability and protection, and give their recommendations on how to improve these parameters.
Low speed.
We review the performance issues that are bottlenecks to your business and provide a remediation plan to make your network perform better.
Repeating service calls.
We discover and eliminate all equipment issues that reduce network efficiency.
Service calls due to absence of parts.
Our team ensures that you’re consistently stocked with parts along with the current guarantees on hand.

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