Network Deployment and Scaling

Team iTurbu specializes in helping small companies deploy stable networks that increase business productivity. We will collaborate with your IT department to build an effective and scalable system. Our team provides best-in-class projects that will help your network perform at its maximum potential.

Whether you need to deploy a network from scratch or upgrade your current one, we will build a well-strategized plan to make the deployment process smooth and seamless.

Our experienced system experts will handle the deployment of your network from start to finish. The process includes:

We create a plan containing a detailed, step-by-step process and schedule for your deployment. This approach helps us to adhere to the schedule and lets you monitor how the process is performing.
Resource allocation.
We manage your assets in a way that supports your company goals. Our experts deploy resource allocation algorithms that schedule virtual machines to efficiently use limited resources.
Equipment installation or removal.
We determine the size of your network and choose the ideal hardware for it. We work with leading hardware vendors who produce routers, switches, and other equipment for networks.
Software installation.
The software is an important aspect of every network. We install software that is designed to set up and manage your network system and monitor its performance.
Network testing.
Once the network is deployed, our team begins testing immediately. We analyze its performance and discover potential issues before it affects your project.
User acceptance testing.
This final step ensures that the network is working properly without crashing and is up to the user’s expectations.

Network scaling

If your network is unable to handle a growing amount of work or has exhausted its resources, we are ready to provide scaling services including cloud-scale. This technology will allow you to increase data volume while reducing network costs.

Why choose cloud-scale networking?

  • Automated processes
  • Easy management
  • Permanent control
  • Open to innovations

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