Network Migration and Modernization

Sooner or later, every company will require an upgrade to the latest technology available. That’s where we come in. The experts at Team iTurbu build efficient and cost-effective networks for small and med-sized businesses and create scalable infrastructures, which can support growing capacity demands. We will thoroughly analyze your applications and entire IT system to offer you the optimal migration strategy.
We migrate outdated and costly networks into a modern environment that fit employees’ and customers’ needs. While the process of network migration is complex and demands a comprehensive approach, we offer detailed migration plans with minimal interruption to business processes.

Network migration steps:

Network Analysis.
Typically, our first step is the analysis of the existing network. Our team has experience with a diverse range of networks, which allow them to understand exactly what you need. By discussing your business goals and objectives, we custom pick technologies appropriate for your company. Our comprehensive analysis includes documentation, databases, connectors, cables, and other examining network components.
Strategy building.
We create customized migration and modernization strategies for each of our clients. Our customized approach helps us satisfy your requirements and fit the implementation conditions. The migration strategy depends on factors including your device types and industry nuances. We also ensure that your end users are minimally impacted by migration.
Once the plan is developed, we proceed with performing the migration. iTurbu ensures it is carried out efficiently and with minimal interruption of business operations. Our experts create new traffic connections so that your network stays available to your employees and customers. All these measures make network migration and its modernization seamless. After the process of migration is complete, we test the new environment and set configurations.

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