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If you’ve recently considered outsourcing your business’s IT needs, you’re in good company. Many small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), are opting to outsource all or part of their IT functions as it is more economical than paying regular staff, or buying and maintaining their own data storage services.
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The most frequently outsourced functions are infrastructure development, data center operations, help desk, application development and maintenance, desktop management services, and disaster recovery, among others. When it comes to choosing the right third party IT provider, it’s important that you evaluate your options carefully. There are many IT service providers to choose from but not all will offer the level of expertise and support your business needs.

Why Outsource Your IT Needs to iTurbu?

More Cost-Effective Than In-House IT.
As a small to mid-sized business, the cost of hiring in-house IT staff far outweighs the benefits. Hiring a third-party IT service provider eliminates labor costs such as providing medical insurance, PTO, and unemployment benefits.
Access to a Wide-Range of IT Expertise.
Instead of having just one or two employees to turn to, iTurbu offers you access to a whole team of IT experts. Our team has industry-standard training and experience in IT infrastructure development and group problem solving.
Increased Focus on Your Business.
The key to business success is specialization and staying connected to your core practice. Outsourcing your IT services to a one-stop resource such as iTurbu keeps your focus on what matters—increasing profitability.
Access to Latest IT Technology & Equipment.
We give you access not only to our team of IT experts but to top-of-the line resources & equipment as well. iTurbu lets you spend less on IT equipment and spend more on developing your business.
On-Demand & Flexible IT Support.
The iTurbu team is ready to assist whenever an issue may arise, day or night. Our flexible schedules and fast turnarounds are ideal for a fast-paced business environment.
Reduced Risk of System Attacks.
Our specialists stay current in the latest and most innovative technology as well as industry-wide best practices. This allows us to offer you the best IT strategy to meet your budget, schedule, and needs. Our engineers are ready to build a reliable system to protect your endpoints and clouds from being compromised.

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