Comprehensive System Evaluation by IT Experts

System topology describes the layout of applications, how they are connected to each other, and how they are currently performing in your system. A topology review enables companies to monitor the performance of all services, network devices, connections and applications. The seven types of topologies are as follows: bus, star, ring, point-to-point, tree, mesh and hybrid. Team iTurbu are experts at reviewing IT system topologies and offering recommendations on how you can improve or change yours for maximum efficiency.

The topology review plan includes:

General system assessment.
We collaborate closely with our clients to fully understand their systems. We review the number of users and transactions, required availability, features to be implemented, number of sites, and more.
Infrastructure evaluation.
We analyze the information on your operating systems, databases, applications and your current bandwidth.
Results analysis.
When all the essential data is gathered, our specialists analyze it and make detailed recommendations on how your system can be reorganized and improved.

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