Manage Your System Security Efficiently 24/7

When it comes to network security, security managed centrally is the most efficient solution for small to mid-sized companies. Since networks grow rapidly, it is much easier to streamline all processes into one dashboard. This approach allows us to effectively monitor and protect your system and quickly detect abnormal activities.

How We Implement Security Management:

Create a single policy.
A single convenient policy allows you to easily manage your entire network, including users, applications, devices, and data.. Additionally, it allows us to set up individual security policies across your virtual, physical, and cloud platforms.
Use only trusted integrations.
All implementations we integrate, including orchestration and ticketing systems, are regularly monitored by our specialists. Our experts control the allowed functions of each integration.
Automate the routine.
Repetitive operations, such as incident responses, virus scans, system updates, and data backup are automated, so that our engineers can focus on more vital tasks.
Provide full visibility.
In an effort to protect your system at the highest level possible, we implement a single dashboard where you can find an event analysis and information on threats. If your security system is managed from one place, it can stop attacks and automatically anticipate future security penetrations.
Implement web tracking.
We record usernames, domain names and other transactions. Furthermore, our specialists gather real-time information on websites, URL categories and applications.
Manage emails.
Since most viruses infiltrate your system via email, we analyze senders, recipients and URLs. If a threat is detected, the system quarantines it.

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