Assess Your System Gaps to Deploy the Best Security Strategy

Conducting a vulnerability assessment of your system can reveal many gaps in security that may become a gateway for viruses and attackers. Additionally, vulnerability assessments and analysis helps us determine the most efficient and cost-effective solution to keep your system safe. Here’s how we do it.

The iTurbu Vulnerability Assessment Includes:

Behavior analysis.
We diagnose the vulnerability of your system by utilizing reliable methods, including analyzing the response to a query.
Version analysis.
We maintain the security of your systems by ensuring that yours is the most current and optimal version.
System components testing.
We diligently check servers, SAN, NAS devices, routers, desktops, and firewalls.
Hidden data source analysis.
Your applications contain important information that may be stolen via old software or a public email service. That’s why we analyze your applications and data sources, including in-premises and remote PCs, smartphones and tablets.
Current security assessment.
If your protection includes policies, anti-viruses, encryption and disaster recovery, we will ensure that they’re performing safely and effectively.
Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis

Why outsource your IT needs to Team iTurbu?

  • Classify the system resources.
  • Assign a relative level of importance to each resource.
  • Identify vulnerabilities to all the resources.
  • Develop strategies to eliminate the most serious threats.
  • Minimize the consequences and identify the source if an attack occurs.

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