Network safety is an ongoing process. Have you checked & tested the safety of yours lately?

Finding and eliminating bottlenecks in your network boils down to one crucial step—network testing. Additionally, network testing helps determine the number of users and operational protocols, error statistics, and application utilization. Let us handle it for you!
Testing services

Regular Testing of Your Network Performance and Security

If you’re a small or medium-sized business, conducting vulnerability assessments and finding remediation is key to a healthy network infrastructure.
We recommend conducting such tests at least once or twice a year and if you’re a high-risk business, hiring a certified expert to conduct them quarterly. Conducting regular testing to ensure that new vulnerabilities and security patches don’t reduce the security of your network is the smart way to keep your network healthy and efficient.

How iTurbu Does Network Testing:

Strategy Development.
Proper planning leads to seamless execution. Before proceeding with a testing project, our team outlines the approach and methodology to be utilized.
Security Testing.
Implement. Test. Repeat. This process helps to reveal flaws in the security system that protects your data, and as a result, we reduce the risk of network failure and data loss.
Vulnerability Analysis.
By classifying network resources, assessing their relative importance and vulnerability, and creating strategies to protect and defend against active attacks, we can assure you the speediest resolution no matter what the circumstance.
Penetration Testing.
We adopt a proactive approach to network protection. iTurbu simulates potential cyber-attack scenarios in order to assess how well your network is defended.
Network and Server Monitoring.
Your system requires constant testing, both automatic and manual, in order to collect information about your network’s availability, performance, traffic, and disc usage. Our experts offer detailed reports in an easy-to-navigate dashboard format.
Fault Management.
We stay on pulse with what’s happening on your network, with testing services that include detecting any failures, recovering data and functionality, and minimizing the impact on customers.

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