Uncover and Eliminate Security Weaknesses and Vulnerabilities

Security testing is necessary to protect sensitive and vital data that is crucial to your business. Conducting regular tests allow you to assess the vulnerability of your system, especially if it’s publicly available eventually creating a highly secured virtual environment for your business.

How does team iTurbu test your web security?

Gather Information.
To start off, our specialists examine your content, metafiles, application framework, user roles, related applications, third-party hosted content, etc.
Check Configuration Management.
We analyze old or unreferenced files, HTTP methods support, API keys and credentials. This helps us to exclude even the slightest error that may compromise your system.
Test Protocols and Encryption.
Then, we check the SSL strength of your HTTPS connections. Encryption secures critical business information such as sensitive data and user accounts.
Test Authentication.
Our IT experts test your applications for password rules, CAPTCHA, consistent authentication across applications with shared authentication schema, and additional functionality.
Check Session Management.
We test session tokens, session termination in different conditions, and test for CSRF and click jacking. These expert measures protect you from data loss in the case that a user’s mobile device is lost or stolen.
Check Authorization.
Testing for authorization allows us to understand which services a user can receive, or what they can do in the system. This process includes testing for path traversal, testing for missing authorization, and testing for insecure direct object references.
Check Cryptography.
Our testers check for whether data is encrypted, wrong algorithm usage, and the proper use of salting. This makes data transmitting safer and prevents the loss of information for our clients.
Test Data Validation.
If an application fails to properly validate input from a user or environment, you may be suffering from some serious security issues. We test your data validation to make sure that your applications are robust against all forms of injections.
Test Specific Risky Functionality.
At this point, we test file uploads and payments. Our specialists evaluate file size limits and file accessibility within the web roots. Payment testing includes tests for known vulnerabilities and configuration issues.

Once the testing has been carried out, we create a report and send it to you. If you’re looking for comprehensive IT solutions that leaves nothing to chance, contact iTurbu.

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