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Testing Services

All companies require regular testing to improve their system’s performance, reduce costs, and make IT operational processes more efficient. Team iTurbu’s testing services include test consulting and software testing services.
iTurbu offers a full range of testing services that are customized according to the business needs and requirements of each client. Our detailed testing methodology helps us to diagnose system weaknesses and eliminate them quickly.

We help our clients to:

Increase system quality.
We use automated test scripts and develop test cases that can be performed multiple times. Our tests cover all system areas, which allow us to obtain an accurate picture of the current state of the system.
Lower costs.
System testing reveals weaknesses that can be improved and lower total cost. We help our clients find software solutions in their specific industries that makes their business processes more profitable.
Promote products faster.
Companies must move rapidly to deliver products that are in demand by their customers. Testing services help boost your marketing efforts, quickly understand and react to new business trends, and better meet industry standards.

Our testing services:

System testing.
Evaluates the complete system and may include testing based on required specifications, different business processes, and use cases. Typically performed by independent testers.
Software testing.
Ensures that a software product is stable during its lifecycle. Software testing also includes gap-analysis against user needs and specified requirements.
Automated testing.
To speed up testing, we automate some such as load and functional testing. Our experts integrate test plans and test requirements, which improve software quality and reduce costs.
Security testing.
It helps to ensure that your system and applications are protected from data loss and other threats caused by employees or outsiders. Security testing also allows testers to discover possible security risks and find solutions beforehand.
Interface testing.
Evaluates if your system components exchange data correctly. During testing, our experts ensure that the applications are in sync and transfer data according to the design.

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