VoIP Migration

More and more companies are taking advantage of the modern benefits that Voice over IP (VoIP) has to offer. For small and mid-sized businesses, it is an efficient way to build a modern and reliable network for in-house and remote employees. Additionally, VoIP technology saves you from high long-distance calling costs and much more.
VoIP allows our clients the flexibility to seamlessly manage calls. VoIP provides the caller’s information even before starting the conversation or reading his/her voice call as a text. With a detailed plan that minimizes downtime and loss of functionality, Team iTurbu can easily migrate your old system to a new and improved one.

Pain-Free VoIP Migration

Before launching the migration, our experts will build a customized strategy as follows:
Network assessment.
First off, we audit your network system to ensure that it’s a good candidate for VoIP implementation. Even if your current network is in a good state, you may encounter problems with sound quality and calls in the future. Our specialists will check your company’s switches and other equipment, and if there are old components, we will replace them.
Wireless LAN check.
Most companies use desktops as well as smartphones and tablets for voice calling. No matter what you use, iTurbu will check your WLAN technologies to ensure that it can support voice and video traffic.
Pilot testing.
Before performing the migration, we test the necessary elements through a test run. This allows us to ensure a seamless execution and prepare for any issues that may arise during the process. We perform a diverse range of tests to ensure your future system can handle all call types.
Migration planning.
A thorough and well thought out strategy is key to a successful migration. Our team will divide the process into several phases so that your business experiences minimal interference. Your legacy phone system can be used until we ensure that the VoIP technology is ready for use.
User training.
iTurbu will properly train your employees on how to utilize the phone system during the migration process, and adapt to it as fast as possible.
Security setup.
When an IP phone system uses the network together with other applications, it may become a gateway for malware and hackers. Team iTurbu builds a security system that includes firewall and encryption for important departments.

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