What We Offer

No matter how complex your task, we'll have it fixed in record time.
We offer a wide range of A to Z IT outsourcing services
that are ideal for small to mid-sized businesses.

What We Offer

Our offerings include technical strategy
planning, system network maintenance,
security, consulting and more​.

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Our services

Our goal is to make your life easier so we never stop innovating our process. Even with a wide range of IT solutions from A to Z, our certified engineers continue to develop new products that align with the client’s needs and technical requirements.

IT consulting by iTurbu – best IT solutions for business




Cost Management

Whether you’re a small business or startup, stable IT systems are key to running your business like a well-oiled machine. In an age of hyper-speed information technologies, adapting to new trends quickly is vital. iTurbu’s forward-thinking approach to network security, data migration strategy, and other processes will have your IT issues handled before you even know it happened!

Every business owner needs a reliable partner they can lean on. We are committed to your expectations and offer trustworthy specialists – iTurbu will review your IT needs and offer recommendations for technology that will position you for maximum growth and development.

Sufficient security for all your networks is foundational and we make sure to meet all ISO security standards. We adhere to strict security requirements in every IT service that we offer. From protecting your confidential data to integrating security solutions into your system, our specialists will choose the most efficient way to keep you safe.

Business success is highly dependent on a reasonably managed budget. Our specialists will give you expert advice concerning the field of IT financing. We keep a pulse on the savviest new technologies so that we can recommend the best solution for you. Also, it helps us eliminate what’s not working. We work with various cost management services and we will advise you on who can offer the best prices.

Best IT solutions for business

Modern market realia are very dynamic and any changes can affect the profitability of an enterprise. Each head of the enterprise solves two global tasks: increasing the enterprise profit and decreasing its expenses. In order to have effective enterprise management under current realia, the optimally implemented IT structure takes the leading position. We offer to undertake the entire responsibility for the current IT structure as well as provide help in the development, support and advice for IT tasks. The principal directions of iTURBU Company activity include the provision of qualitative IT services (office equipment subscription, competent IT outsourcing and computer maintenance). We know how to take care of your computer equipment!

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